Amritlakshmi Auto Parker - A variety of Computerised Car Parking Systems

With India climbing steadily and speedily up the economic and social ladder it is swiftly emerging as the global hub for manufacturing all types of Cars.

One can easily attribute the growing magnitude of cars in all our Mega cities including the II tier cities to the rising aspiration of every Indian family to own one or more cars but to safely house this growing population is entirely another story. It entails Proper Space Management. But, owing to a sudden Car boom, India presently suffers a basic fundamental disorder - Parking Problems. Too many cars and poor space management!

More and more cars squeezed into the same space! Outcome Dents, scratches, parking difficulties, accidents, blood pressure, stress… all in all… Damages… a silent suffering for every car owner.

AMRITLAKSHMI is happy to offer its indigenously designed & developed "Amritlakshmi AUTO PARKER" for parking cars in an efficient, convenient and safe manner, based on the fundamentals of Proper Space Management. Over and above the Standard Variations enumerated below, Amritlakshmi is also equipped to develop Automatic Car Parking Systems suitable to the space available the number of Cars to be parked and the type of automation required as Tailor-made designs.


Two Car Parking

Three Car Parking

Mini Tower Car Parker

Puzzle Parking System